Plycom-Izora Co. Ltd.

Is a large Russian plywood parts manufacturer. The company is located in Saint-Petersburg.

One of the main activities of our company is the production of birch plywood parts for exporting to our clients worldwide. Our experience, quality of machinery, advanced technology and improved customer care allow “Plycom-Izora” to offer shorter delivery time and high level of service.


The history of our company started 15 years ago with wholesales of plywood. Over time, an increasing number of exporting plywood and expanding the geography of supplies, our company came up with an idea of establishing own manufacturing facilities.

While offering cut to size services according to customer requirements our company also developed the technology of production of complex parts on CNC machining centers.

In 2001 we manufactured the first batch of plywood parts for the production of upholstered furniture in Scandinavia.


Today “Plycom-Izora” is a company with a fleet of high-tech machinery processing monthly more than 1000m3 of plywood of various thicknesses, grades and sizes.

We produce wide range of plywood parts for cable industry as well as for packing, automotive and furniture manufacturers.

The majority of our products are exported to the EU.